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Asset Management on the Web
Asset Management on the Web with EdWare
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EdWare Asset Manager

Many organizations have huge investments in assets - buildings, roads and other infrastructure. When evaluating the feasibility of investing in new construction, it's important to understand the condition and associated deferred costs to maintain existing assets. Furthermore, if your organization manages assets from offices at different geographic locations, consolidating information and getting everyone "on the same page" can be a challenging task.

EdWare Asset Manager is a web-based system that enables your organization to manage assets with only a web browser and internet connection. Offices at diverse locales have access to the latest complete data sets. The EdWare software suite works with open source components, avoiding expensive proprietary systems with burdensome licensing restrictions. In short, the EdWare Asset Manager saves you time and money.

Stagecoach State Park

Colorado's Stagecoach State Park in 3d
with geo-tagged photos of assets.
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