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Corporate Profile

Computer Terrain Mapping, Inc. (CTM) is an information technology company specializing in GIS and web-based applications in land use planning. Founded in 1988 in Boulder, Colorado, we focus on developing and utilizing tools to help communities and landowners plan and manage their unique resources. Each project has its own special challenges and our ability to create or adapt software tools to meet those challenges sets us apart.

CTM operates in a multi-operating system environment, including Windows, Macintosh and Linux workstations and servers running commercial, proprietary and open source software. We understand the importance of compatibility as well as the vital and increasing role that technology plays in land use planning.

Realizing that our clients seek answers to problems -- not a discourse on the limitations of current technology -- we strive to provide solutions that best fit their budgetary and time constraints. We feel that it's important to integrate each client's expertise into the problem-solving process. In this way, the final product is tailored to the project's needs.

Land planning is an exciting, changing field and technology is having an increasingly significant impact on the planning process. It's important to have this technology working for you -- solving problems rather than creating more. CTM is excited to be part of the new "landscape" of land planning.

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The edWare Advantage
Years of software development in support of our project work have given us an impressive proprietary code base, which we refer to as "edWare." Many of these applications are unique -- there's no commercial equivalent. When applied to your project, edWare provides a tremendous advantage in flexibility, efficiency, accessibility and enhanced capabilities.

edWare has been applied to a diverse array of geographic problems, from ridgeline identification for use in land use regulations to advanced photo-realistic visualizations to "warping" images and vectors to fit known control points. edWare is now available as CTM Web Services, the same powerful tools accessible via the internet.

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Cartographic Excellence
Elevate your project above the "cookie-cutter" look so common in maps produced by the dominant commercial packages. Over the years we've developed a special "brand" to our mapping products -- a unique look and feel that quickly conveys complex information while adhering to the highest aesthetic standards. Our cartographic services have been utilized by publications such as National Geographic, NG Adventure, Outside Magazine and many others.

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Key Personnel

Edward Russell is a computer scientist specializing in geographic applications. He has over 30 years of experience in computer mapping, GIS and remote sensing. An expert in applying computer technology to land use planning issues, Edward has developed and presented new and innovative techniques for visual and spatial analysis in areas such as conservation planning and siting of new construction to minimize visual impacts. He has served on numerous boards addressing issues including land use regulation, comprehensive planning, intergovernmental agreements, and parks and open space planning. He has worked in the geophysical and atmospheric sciences developing new techniques and software for terrain visualization and modeling. He is the author of the edWare suite of GIS tools for terrain modeling and analysis.

1981: Western State College, Gunnison, CO. Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology and Mathematics. Graduated magna cum laude.
1982-1986: University of Colorado, Boulder. Graduate studies in Geophysics.

Professional Society Membership:
American Planning Association (APA)

Heidi Ochis is an environmental scientist with over 25 years of experience in GIS and remote sensing technologies. A graduate of the Forestry Program at Colorado State University, Ms. Ochis is an expert at applying GIS technology to environmental and land use planning problems. A principal at CTM since 1996, she specializes in assessing the visual impacts of growth, land use and land cover change, visual simulation, 3D modeling and image analysis. Heidi's outstanding cartographic skills have been utilized by nationally recognized publications such as National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, Outside and Men's Journal. A strong believer in sharing her expertise with her community, Heidi serves on the Louisville Open Space Advisory Board, helping to evaluate and manage open space properties.

1985: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.
1994-1997: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Masters of Science degree in Forestry with a GIS and Remote Sensing specialization.

Professional Society Membership:
American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)